Summary of My Teaching Philosophy…

Welcome to my “teaching portfolio” site. My overall teaching goal is to make all of the online courses I teach worthwhile. In particular, I want to each of the courses I teach to contribute to the academic goals of my students (and I want each course to provide the specific learning outcomes necessary for my students’ further academic progress).

Also, I want my students to experience the joy of learning as they become active learners and take part in learning communities with other students in each of my online course sites (and virtual world learning simulations). Learning is known to be enhanced by experiential opportunities and students learn from each other as well as from the instructor.

Finally, I hope to motivate my students to push and stretch themselves to achieve more and to come away from my course(s) with a sense of internal academic motivators (or personal satisfaction from a job well done) versus external academic motivators (or grades). — Kay McLennan



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